Friday, November 28, 2014

Day 83 - 86: It's hard to say "The End!"

Day 83: Saturday Nov 22, 2014 - On Saturday morning we woke up in the Crescent Beach Baptist Church parking lot and prepared for the last 8.8 miles of this journey. We knew some locals were coming out to ride with us, but had no clue who or how many. We were excited to have Mike and Lisa Haffner (Kenadi's mom and step dad) from home there to ride with us and were thrilled to also be joined by several locals, a few of which had traveled over an hour to come ride! Corban was riding today as well. The local chapter of Pink Heels also brought out their pink fire truck and the local police were there to escort us. Caleb was able to ride in the fire truck!
A little after 9am the entourage said morning prayer then rolled out of the parking lot headed toward St. Johns County Pier at St. Augustine Beach. Along the way we had many cars blow and wave in support. As we turned onto the beach road CJ's GREAT Granny and her friend Ken joined in the ride. It was very special for CJ to be able to ride that last 5 miles or so with her at his side!
When we came into the parking lot at the pier there was a big ladder fire truck with the loveFAR banner hanging from it and streamer stretched across below like a finish line! There were NCCS flags and people all around cheering. News cameras were there to catch it all. It was awesome to see familiar faces of Kelly Moore (CJ's Nana), Ronnie and Karen Starling (Kenadi's nana and papa), and Billie Woosley there, as well as some new friends faces of Farrah Walleck from the NCCS and Mike and Kelli Meachum from the local Pink Heels. The firemen had prepared hotdogs and hamburgers and there was also a big CAKE! After a few minutes of talking to the camera and giving hugs, everyone walked down to the beach to watch CJ dip his front tire into the Atlantic. He actually ended up dipping his whole bike in the water!

After the wheel dip CJ thanked the crowd for being there and came back over the dunes for some FOOD! Farrah from the NCCS gathered folks around and gave CJ an awesome Star trophy.

Kelli and Mike from Pink Heels allowed CJ and Granny to sign the pink fire truck! We are so grateful to Kelli Meachum for organizing the finish line party and for making our last day so special! 

On Saturday night, we had been planning to let the boys go race BMX at the First Coast BMX park in St. Augustine to celebrate Caleb's 5th birthday, but because of rain the race was canceled. The boys were all bummed out so instead we went out to eat at Salt Life Food Shack across the street from the pier. The food was excellent, the service was awesome, and we got dessert to celebrate Caleb's birthday.
The aquarium inside the restaurant was really neat! The boys loved going on the back side of it and pretending to be inside the tank! In honor of CJ's finish, the manager also gave us a great discount. Thanks! We were grateful to have such a nice place to eat and celebrate!

We were able to spend Saturday night in a condo with our family who came down to celebrate the finish. It was VERY nice to be out of the bus and in a REAL bed! We each enjoed the HUGE bathroom and watched TV on cable!

Day 84: Sunday 11/23/14 - We spent the day totally resting! We all needed to sleep and just lay around!

Day 85: Monday 11/24/14 - Nick from Coggins Honda of St. Augustine invited us to come eat Thanksgiving Lunch with the employees at the dealership. Although it wasn't what we think of traditionally as "thanksgiving meal" it was AWESOME to have real "thanksgiving food" complete with turkey, all the trimmings, and dessert! We have so much to be thankful for!
Although the race was canceled Saturday night, we were able to go to practice on Monday night at First Coast BMX. Thanks to the folks there for being so welcoming and letting the boys have a blast riding on your track!

Day 86: Tuesday 11/25/14 - It is bitter sweet to think we are really finished with this trip across the country. Something that has been somewhat in the making for 4 full years. When we look back at pictures of CJ as a 5 year old and think of him saying way back then that he felt God calling him to do this, we still are amazed! People have asked us all the way across America how we knew he was called by God. The answer is we didn't! But He did! God gradually made it very clear to us as parents through things that can only be described as miracles. When CJ prayed today over our food he said, "God, thank you for all the things you have done during this trip. Thank you for all the things you did before the trip AND thank you for all the things you are still going to do!" We echo his prayers and can not wait to see what God will continue to do through this ride, through CJ, this family, and loveFAR!

We do not yet know the final total on money raised for The National Children's Cancer Society through this ride, but we will be updating this blog once all money has been counted. CJ's goal of $100,000 has NOT yet been met, so please continue to share and give! Thank you to all that have given and for your great support!!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Day 80, 81 & 82: So close we can taste it!

Day 80: Wednesday 11/19/14 - This morning we met across 301 from the Texaco where we left off on Monday. It was still chilly, but the sun was shining which made things a little better. The Bradford County Sheriffs came out to escort us for the first little bit. They had a Smart car!!
We left from the Texaco about 11:45 and pedaled about 10 miles over to Keystone Heights where we met the end of the Putnam County "rails to trails" bike trail. Several local cyclists met us there!! Thanks to Kraig McClane for getting the word out and organizing folks to come. Because we were on the trail CJ's GREAT Granny was able to ride with him as well as his two little brothers Corban (6) and Caleb (turned 5 today!). Riding with their GRANNY was a very cool memory maker that these boys will hopefully never forget!
Once we got off the trail we had about 10 more miles to ride into Palatka to the First Assembly parking lot where we were planning to stay the night. We were greeted by the pastor and the local Christian radio hosts!
Wednesday night we were able to go speak to the youth at Southside Baptist Church (Thanks again to Kraig McClane! This is where he goes to church). They also were kind enough to feed us supper! It was great to spend some time together with them. 

Day 81: Thursday 11/20/14 - This morning CJ was scheduled to do an interview on Hope FM the local Christian radio station in Palatka. The morning host, Robin, was awesome and they even made us breakfast! She did a LONG interview and even invited local kids who were on their way to school to stop by and meet CJ. Some kids who had been following stopped by!!
After the radio interview, CJ had been invited to speak in chapel at River Christian Academy at First Assembly. He went over there and they actually had him RIDE his bike into chapel! He did his entire presentation and even got to take some questions from the kids! The group was great! Thanks so much to Pastor Ted and his wife for allowing us to park in your lot and for giving CJ the opportunity to speak!
Around 11:30 Mr. Ray, who rode with us on Wednesday showed us and escorted CJ, via bike, down to the local bike shop and then on to the clock tower at the river front in Palatka. There we were greeted by the Mayor and media as well as a great group of locals!
After a while of talking and answering questions Mr. Ray and another local Tom rode out with us toward Crescent Beach Baptist Church.
Mr Ray rode with us to the county line and Tom continued the entire way. We found out later that day that this was actually the longest ride that Tom had ever done! He rode strong and finished out the entire 25 miles with no problems! Way to go TOM!!
It was exciting to start passing mileage signs for St. Augustine! This was really getting real! When we finished for the day, we were technically already IN St. Augustine, with an extra day to spare, before the big "Finish Celebration" that is happening on Saturday!
When we pulled into the parking lot at Crescent Beach Baptist Church we were greeted by Pastor David and Mrs. Linda. We talked to them for a while before packing everything and everyone back into the bus and heading up to Sprockets Bike Shop in St. Augustine. Caleb's tire was flat and he's riding a 18x1 inch tire so it's not so easy to change. We talked to Brandon there at the shop and he was glad to fix it!
After we dropped off Caleb's little bike we went to meet Granny, Ken, and Nana (Kelly) for Nana's birthday dinner!! After dinner we went back to the church parking lot for a quiet night of sleep!

Day 82: Friday 11/21/14 - Because the big "Finish Celebration" is tomorrow we had to just sit and wait today! So we didn't ride at all but instead went to try to see some of the sights in St. Augustine. Kenadi's mom, Lisa, and her husband, Mike, plus Kenadi's Nana and Papa came into town this morning. We were all glad that they were able to come. It's awesome when divorced parents can get along like rational people!! We are SO thankful to have a good relationship with Lisa and Mike and that they have been supportive in every possible way of this ride! Craig has actually been riding Mike's bike for the majority of this trip! Since they were in town and haven't seen Kenadi in a few months, they of course took her for a well deserved day away from the boys!
The rest of us met Granny and Ken at the fort in St. Augustine to explore. Of course the boys LOVED it! They were so excited to go to the oldest fort in America!
Tonight we are back in the parking lot of Crescent Beach Baptist so that we will be ready to ride those last 8.8 miles in the morning! We are all looking forward to an awesome day tomorrow!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Days 77, 78, & 79 - The Home Strech!

Nov 16-18, 2014 : We honestly can not believe this trip is so close to coming to an end! We realized today that this time next week the ride will be complete and we will be on our way back home!! CJ is VERY disappointed that we are not closer to the goal he set of $100,000 raised for the National Children's Cancer Society. Mostly we have been disappointed that even though CJ has done a really good job of giving glory to GOD in interviews both in print media and on TV news, many Christians have not been willing to give to support this cause. Some have told us that it's because this ride is not for a "Christian organization".  Although the NCCS is not an official "Christian" organization we can't help but believe what they are doing is absolutely Christ-like! In Matthew chapter 25 Jesus says, "Whatever you do for the least of these, you do for me".  The awesome folks at the NCCS are helping children and their families who are dealing with cancer treatments and the aftermath of cancer, we believe these children certainly fall in the "least of these" category and therefore, ANYTHING we or another organization does for them, is ultimately glorifying the ONE who MADE these sweet children! Will YOU help us do something for JESUS by giving to the NCCS to benefit these kids?!? You can give now at

The beginning of this week has been fairly uneventful and at the same time we have been VERY busy so forgive the lack of posting. On Sunday it was a beautiful warm day, so Sunday (11/16- Day 77) afternoon CJ and Craig decided to ride instead of taking the whole day off. We knew that the weather forecast for Monday and Tuesday was not favorable for riding so they figured it was a good idea to go ahead and get some miles in while it was so nice out. Even though they didn't get started until almost 1:00, they rode from Rocky's Campground outside of Perry, FL to River Run Campground outside of Branford, FL a total of 58.2 miles before it got dark! We are thankful to both of these campgrounds for donating our stay!

The boys were SOOOO excited to get to our stopping point on Sunday night because they had heard that their NANA and GRANNY we coming!! Around 7:30pm, Nana and Granny both arrived and the hug fest began! These boys have SURE missed their grandmas!! Nana and Granny are going to follow along and hang with us for the rest of the trip. 

On Monday (11/17 -Day 78) the forecast was for 90% chance of rain beginning at 10am so we didn't think we'd be able to ride much, if at all, however when we woke up the weather was still great. The guys got ready quickly and by 8:30 we were out on the road pedaling. We decided to just ride until it started raining and see how far we made it. Turns out we made it all the way to the planned stop in Hampton, FL (just south of Starke) just about noon. The black clouds followed us all day but only once did it barely drizzle. Ken, Granny's friend, also rode about 17 miles with us.
When we pulled into the gas station where we finished for the day, within 3 minutes the wind whipped up and the rain was pouring! It was a huge storm with real thunder and lightening!!
One of the local cyclists, Janeece, met us at the gas station and gave us some REAL farm fresh eggs and gave CJ an AWESOME Gainesville Cycling Club jersey!! We all enjoyed hearing her own story of how she is a cancer survivor and rides her bike now. We look forward to riding with her on Thursday. 

Today, Tuesday (11/18 -Day 79) was forcasted to be COLD and WINDY...and they were correct! The high here today was in the LOW 50's and the wind blew all day. We decided to take TODAY as a break day, and we are all glad!!! Hampton where we stopped yesterday is about 25 minutes from Gainesville, FL. One of Kenadi's friends is attending college at the University of Florida and volunteers in the football recruiting office. She found out we were so nearby and offered to take CJ and Kenadi on a tour of the campus and to see the UF Gators stadium. Of course, CJ loved that!
The little boys hung out with Nana and Granny and played on the "granny gadgets" (ipad, tablet, phone, etc.) most of the day. Katie had a chance to do some laundry and grocery shopping for the rest of this trip! It was very nice to have a down day!
Tomorrow we plan to start back at the place we left off in Hampton, FL. It's not going to be warm tomorrow but hopefully the wind won't be too bad. We are planning to start at noon at the intersection of hwy 18 and 301 and ride into Palatka. About half of the route is paved rails to trails so the little boys, Ken, and Granny are all planning to ride some of the way. We are also expecting some local cyclists. Also tomorrow THE QUEEN LATIFAH SHOW is highlighting this trip at the end of their show!! WE can't wait to see how THAT turns out!! We are praying that MANY MANY people will see and be moved to give to help us help the kids with the NCCS!  It's an exciting day to come!!
It's honestly amazing the think that we are now officially less than 100 miles from the end of this trek!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Day 74, 75, & 76 - "The Forgotten Coast" that we'll never forget!

Day 74 - 11/13/14 - Port ST. Joe to Eastpoint - This morning we woke up to a chilly wind. Dreading getting out and pedaling we sat in the parking lot of the First Baptist Church until almost 10:30 before we even got out of the bus to get ready to go. The temperature had warmed up to just warm enough to play outside with jackets on so the boys all went out to the church playground. While they were out there the local Mayor showed up to welcome us and meet CJ. Katie was just getting ready to go take CJ to get a hair cut, but stayed to talk to the Mayor. The mayor told us to wait a second and let him go get a person from the newspaper, so we did. After the newspaper interview, Katie and CJ were still planning to walk over to a local barber shop and get CJ a hair cut. The Mayor said he was driving that direction anyways and gave a quick ride over to the barber shop! Once we were there the Mayor even paid for CJ's haircut!

Later in the afternoon we DID finally start riding. We made it 32 miles just into Coastline RV for Eastpoint before dark. As we parked the bus we were in awe of the view from this little campground!

Day 75 - 11/14/14 - Eastpoint to Panacea - Today was another chilly day so again we waited until noon to start riding. Our ride today was GORGEOUS and almost all right along the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico.
We learned that this area is called "The Forgotten Coast" by locals because many seem to forget this part of Florida's Gulf coast and instead go to "bigger" tourist locations like the beaches around Panama City or Clearwater. We were amazed how so much of the coast here is still undeveloped completely. We finished today's 34.6 mile ride around 4:00 at Angelo & Son's Seafood where we had gotten permission to park for the night.
We knew it was going to be cold over the next week and wanted to be sure that we had enough propane to stay warm so we drove about 15 minutes into the town of Crawfordville to be sure our propane tank was full. Because there is no accurate gauge we didn't know for sure how empty it would be but we thought we had used a lot on cooking and the fridge. We got to Wakulla LP about 5 minutes AFTER they had closed, BUT the owner was nice enough to still help us. HE filled the tank and did NOT charge us a dime!! He said it was only 13 gallons low and we probably had plenty to make it the rest of this trip without him filling it at all, BUT we didn't know that before so we were glad for the peace of mind. Now we know that the propane tank is HUGE and can last a long time! Praise the Lord!
We drove back to Angelo & Son's Seafood to park for the night and were invited to come in for dinner. Boy are we glad we did! The food was some of the best we have eaten on this whole trip and possibly the BEST seafood we've ever eaten! They also served some of their dishes with pasta as a side which was perfect for our need for CARBS
Even though everyone's food was delicious, CJ got the Baked Shrimp Feta which we all agreed was the best pick! We've never had seafood like THAT! Yumm Yumm!! To top it all off this was the view from our table as we ate!
Thanks Angelo for making our bellies happy!!

Day 76 - 11/15/14 - Panacea to Perry - Today we rode through the St. Mark's Wildlife Refuge and the Aucilla Wildlife Management Area. There were some of the neatest plants, birds, and roadkill we've seen on this entire trip. We WISH we could have seen some alive animals! We started earlier today around 10am because we knew we had a windy 57 mile to ride so we didn't want to have to ride hard. Most of the ride was boring because it was just trees on both sides, but Craig and CJ rode slow and talked a lot. When we only had about 10 miles left we saw two dead animals within 20 feet of each other. One was a whole, not squished, Armadillo and the other one was an unsquished RED TAILED FOX!  Craig and CJ decided to cut the fox's tail off and keep it for a souvenir, Kenadi was grossed out! CJ is thrilled to have this to add to his "collection" of dead animal parts that includes a tarantula, complete skull of a javelina, and claws pulled off of a mountain lion!
We finished today's ride at Rocky's Campground just outside of Perry, FL. Thanks to the owners of Rocky's for donating our site for the night. The boys (and Kenadi too) were all thrilled to see fire pits at the campsites! It was cold (like under 40 degrees) so we built a fire and Katie made a big pot of Chicken Corn Chowder with egg noodles in it. We ate the soup all up and then played a while. We had a half of a bag of marshmellows left so of course we had to roast them!
There was absolutely no lights out here so the stars were soooo pretty. We are always in complete awe of God's creation!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Day 72 & 73: I love riding with other people!!

Day 72: Tuesday 11/11/14 - This morning around 10:15 we pedaled out of the parking lot the Chick-fil-a in Gulf Breeze where we left off yesterday around. We were excited to ride today because everyone has been telling us that the scenery is so pretty.  We also were headed right for the town where Katie's aunt lives and knew she and her family were going to meet us along the route. We pedaled hard for the first little while then settled into a nice rhythm.
Around lunchtime we stopped to eat and meet a journalist from a local paper. After lunch, Katie and the "bus crew" went ahead and stopped for fuel while Craig and CJ rode along a beach front road.
Around 3pm, we joined back up at the intersection of 98 and 30A a scenic road that goes down into Santa Rosa Beach. Aunt Angela was waiting there with her family ready to ride! Corban and Caleb were also ready to ride! For the last 8 mile stretch from 98 down to Grayton Beach State Park along 30A there was a bike path. Craig, CJ, Corban, Caleb, Angela and Daniela in the kid seat on the back of Angela's bike all rode that bit. It was a great time of family togetherness!

When we got to Grayton Beach State Park where we were stopping for the night we parked the bus then walked out to the beach to see the end of a GORGEOUS sunset!
We are always amazed by God's creation! Michael, Angela's husband, brought pizza and goodies for supper and we all went back to the campsite to eat. It was yummy!! We are so thankful that we got to see them all and ride with Angela!!!
We were also alllllll so excited that this campsite had a fire pit and for the FIRST time all the way across the USA we were able to roast MARSHMELLOWS!!!!

Day 73: Wednesday 11/12/14 - This morning 4 local cyclists met us at the gate of Grayton Beach State Park. We were so excited to again have company to ride with!! We rode FAST from the start. We left Grayton about 9:30 and rolled into downtown Panama City right at noon. On the way into town we climbed a great bridge (the only hills around here) and had a good downhill on the backside! We stopped for a break at Trigo's Resturant and were also covered there by local media. If you are ever in the area, stop and TRY the Shrimp Ceviche!!! Yumm-ola!
After the break, two of the cyclists continued on with us and we rode toward the Tyndall Air Force Base. The fighter jets were practicing and it was an awesome show!
We were still rollin' pretty fast but when we got to Mexico Beach we pulled over and let Corban and Caleb get out and ride some too. They rode about 8 miles with us and were hanging on about 13 mph average. CJ is amazed by his little brothers and is not afraid to admit it!

After the little boys got back into the bus the 4 cyclists (Craig, CJ, Mr. Carl and Ms. Cindy) rode on into Port St. Joe. We have officially crossed back into the EASTERN TIME ZONE!

We finished pedaling for the night at First Baptist Church in Port St. Joe. We were greeted at the finish by another TV media person and an awesome group of church folks who had supper prepared! We said goodbye to Carl and Cindy and then went into the church for dinner.
After supper the little boys went to Awana's and Katie and CJ were invited to speak to the 3rd-6th grade Awana's as well as the folks in Adult Prayer Meeting.
This church was an awesome God Appointment!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Days 70 & 71: FINALLLLLY in Florida!

Day 70: Sunday 11/9/14 - Today we went to church at FBC in Summerdale, AL. Jason, who rode with us yesterday is the youth pastor and worship leader here. We parked in the parking lot last night and they were nice enough to open the parsonage so we could go in and use the showers and kitchen and everything. We also LOVED that they had church breakfast this morning so we got yummy eggs, grits, sausage, and biscuits!! We enjoyed seeing how missions focused this church is and watching an Operation Christmas Child video with them.
Sunday afternoon we had a nice NAP!!
At the Sunday night service CJ was aloud to speak about loveFAR, his previous rides, this ride for the NCCS, and about the amazing things GOD has done and is doing on this trip!! It was so neat to see even how God brought a special couple (not church members) to this church today that we needed to meet! We were SO thankful to Pastor Jason for being willing to let us come!!

Day 71: Monday 11/10/14 - We started off this morning a little late about 11:30 from the FBC Summerdale parking lot and pedaled some back roads out to Hwy 98. We followed 98 all the way into Pensacola, FL. Amazingly we MISSED the Florida state line sign, BUT we did get a shot of the Pensacola city limits sign to prove we were here :)  

It was a beautiful day for riding! We pedaled around the bay and across the bridge down to Gulf Breeze to a Chick-fil-a where we finished for the day around 2:30 with 43 miles. Of course we had to eat a Chick-fil-a sandwich and play in the play place for a while!
Around 4:00 we left Chickfila and drove back to Pensacola Christian College where we had planned to park for the night.
When we got to PCC we were given an AWESOME tour by Mr. Reggie Sellers. Of course CJ's favorite of all the buildings was the Sports Complex. It was an indoor WATER PARK, as well as a HUGE climbing wall, mini-golf, bowling alley, ice rink, skating rink, and workout rooms! Kenadi and Katie also went on the tour and learned lots of interesting things about PCC!
Tomorrow we plan to drive BACK to the Chickfila in Gulf Breeze to start pedaling and will pedal THROUGH Destin and along the Scenic Beach Rd to Santa Rosa Beach. The weather is looking outstanding so we are excited!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Days 68 & 69: Sweet Home Alabama

Day 68: Friday 11/7/14 - We woke up this morning excited to go try out Tato-nut Doughnut Shop in Ocean Springs, MS where we had finished yesterday and stayed the night. We heard all about how good they were and HAD to try them ourselves! They were only a short block walk from where the bus was parked so Katie, Kenadi, and the boys walked down while Craig made coffee and had some peace in the bus. Yumm-yummm is all we can say! The Mohler's (the owners) lost their daughter Sophia to cancer just 4 years ago, so they welcomed us with hugs and even let CJ and the boys go back into the kitchen to see how their doughnuts were made. Mr. Mohler, even gave CJ, a license plate that he'd had for over 30 years!! We loved spending time with them, even though it was only a little while! We were also inspired by the story of their doughnut "The Katrina Piece" that started after the hurricane and made from the "ugly pieces" and scraps of other doughnuts, but still just tasted just as sweet! Yes, God CAN make something sweet out of things that we with our human eyes see as a catastrophe! Romans 8:28  If you are EVER in the Ocean Springs, MS area we encourage you to try Tato-nut.....but get their early or everyone else will get the good stuff!!

After our delicious breakfast we met up with a cyclists from Hattiesburg, MS names Linda. She has been following CJ's story for almost a year and drove all the way down to ride with CJ! We started pedaling around 10:15 Along the route we met up with a couple other cyclists who joined in and rode with us as well. Passing through several towns including Gautier and Pascagoula we were given a police escort, even though we didn't even ask! We also passed another touring cyclist who gave us a big fight pump as he passed. Right after lunch we crossed over the Alabama state line!

About 12 miles from the finish, another cyclist, Tiffany, joined in. She was friends with Linda, and had also driven all the way from Hattiesburg to come ride! We are SO thankful to have extra people along for the ride.

We made it to Theodore, AL around 4 and settled in at Bellingrath RV park. Thanks to the manager Jill for working it out for us to stay there for the night and for the owners for donating our spot!

Day 69: Saturday 11/8/14 - We arranged to meet other cyclists at the Winn-Dixie in Theodore so we woke up and pedaled about .5 miles up to the Winn-Dixie around 9:15. Linda and Tiffany had a mountain bike race in Mobile on Sunday, so they came back down again to ride with us for a second day and planned to just stay the night down here! Jason, the youth pastor from FBC Summerdale Alabama, and Jarrod, another facebook follower, also came out to the Winn-Dixie. CJ was also thrilled to see his buddy Caiden (the Triathlete he had met at super on Thursday night in Ocean Springs) and his mom Erin who came out to ride with us! Here's a great group shot!

Around 10:15 we pulled out of the Winn-Dixie parking lot headed toward Mobile, AL. Shawn, Caiden's dad acted as a SAG vehicle in the front of the group and Kenadi drove Linda's truck behind the loveFAR bus. We were quite the entourage! We rode all the way through town, across the Mobile Bay, and stopped for a break at the Battleship. CJ was also interviewed by WKRG a local news station while we stopped. 
The whole gang had fun riding across the causeway then Erin, Caiden, and Jarrod peeled off to head back to Mississippi while the rest of us kept going. When we made it to Silverhill another cyclist named Frances joined us. We were so happy to have her! Corban and Caleb got out of the bus and decided to ride a little while. The boys finished up the last 6 miles or so and they were super excited when Tiffany and Linda decided to ride their fat tire bikes for the last mile!

We made it to FBC Summerdale around 4 and spent a while telling Linda and Tiffany bye! We will sure miss all of these awesome Mississippi folks! Jason's wife Carmen met us at the church and we ended up going out to Cracker Barrel for supper. The boys we SO excited to get to play checkers and have candy sticks! Kenadi and Katie were thrilled when Carmen offered to take our laundry to her house and do it FOR US!! WOW!! We are excited to join Jason and Carmen for worship here at FBC Summerdale in the morning!