Sunday, September 21, 2014

Day 21: God is faithful to His promises!

God is faithful to his promises has been the theme of the day! We were refreshed this morning in worship with the folks at Victory Fellowship Church in Safford, AZ. We started out the morning with a wonderful talk with Pastor John out in the parking lot at the loveFAR bus, then CJ was able to speak about his ride and loveFAR during worship and we also sold lots of loveFAR teeshirts after church! After everyone left we sat around and talked to Pastor John and his wife Fran for several hours! The stories of God's faithfulness continued! The church owns a local theater and has conformed the building for the glory of God! They show wholesome movies all week long and have worship there on Sunday mornings.  Is your church looking for a building?? Look for a rundown movie theater and give it NEW LIFE!! It was an awesome experience!! After we left church we went to a local store for some bisquick (we have to have waffles lol) and when we came out....of course a HUGE RAINBOW was overhead!! Indeed God IS faithful to his promises! If we needed a reminder we definitely got it today!!

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  1. I love the way God is using this theater and His people_ what a great idea! I am so thankful for the way God's people are sharing His love and lifting you all up on this journey!