Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Days 43, 44, & 45 - How did people LIVE before wifi? ;)

Sooo for the last 3 days we have had NO cell signal or's been tough!! Do you realize all of the things you use Siri for?? People, we had to get out a REAL map!! And folks had to come hunt us down to see how far we'd gotten instead of just sending a text message! When we got to the park where we are staying tonight, I honestly though we were all going to shout "Halalujah" when we saw the "Free Wifi" sign!! Really could it be possible that only 10 years ago hot spots were not a thing?? How DID we make it?? ;) So here's the update.......
On Monday afternoon we were finally able to get our bus "fixed" enough so that it will roll and we are able to pedal again! However, it was about 6pm before it was finish so we did not actually get to ride that day.  We all decided that if we had to be broken down, the folks in Eldorado definitely made it more bearable! We are so grateful to the Sullivan family for letting us do laundry, play in your toys, and just generally invade your house! We were SO blessed to meet these guys and pray many blessing on their family!!

On Tuesday we started off the day a little later than normal cause it was downright chilly (40 degrees) when we woke up. Once the sun got up in the sky and we could bare riding CJ was raring to get on the bike and go! We headed out to Menard, TX. The 50 miles was fairly flat so both Kenadi (sister) and Katie (mom) wanted to ride some. They split the mileage each riding about 25 miles with CJ. It was a beautiful ride! We stopped for a break at the Presidio San Saba which CJ of course LOVED since it was history! Just so happened that the Historical Society was actually having a meeting there and he got to tell them all what he was doing. 

CJ and Katie rode on to Pastor Rusty and Carmen's house from Menard Cowboy Church, which Pastor Jim and Kathy found the bus and lead them in to town, since we didn't have cell signal! We were so blessed to spend the evening with all of them! Carmen got some BOMBdiggity fried chicken and made Salmon patties that the boys gobbled up with Katie's help. Kathy brought over a chocolate cake that was yummy too!  The boys were in heaven playing with the "roping dummy" on the ranch and "mooooing" at the cows. They really loved the PET deer that even got to come inside the house! The adults had great conversation and shared testimonies of the amazing ways God has worked in all of our lives! It was such an encouragement!  Thanks to the whole Menard Cowboy Church gang for all of the awesome things you did for us this weekend and week!

On Wednesday we got up to another chilly morning. Cj and Corban worked on school work while we waited for the sun to get on up into the sky. Around noon, Pastor Jim and Kathy again came over to check in on us. We were just getting ready to start riding when we realized that both CJ and Kenadi's bikes had flats from the stickers in the grass (these things are beastly!) We've found that pretty much EVERYTHING in Texas has thorns or stickers so it's best to NOT go barefoot anywhere! We took a picture of a field as we passed today.....the ENTIRE field was covered in cactus so thick there was no way someone could walk! YET, we saw deer grazing right in the middle of it all!

Finally around 1, we got on the road. The road had almost NO traffic so Corban decided to ride today also! Kenadi ended up riding the entire 30 miles to Jason and Tasha's house (also folks we met at Menard Cowboy Church). At their house we took a long break. They have 4 kids also (3 boys and a girl) and the boys played and showed our boys their goats and 4 wheeler toys and just had a big time while the adults talked. After a while, Katie and CJ rode the last 5 miles over to the City Park which has RV hook ups. The bus crew followed and Jason and Tasha and kids came over and brought us supper there. Tasha made an AWESOME homemade Chicken pot pie, beef noodle casserole, and pudding layer cake, plus SWEET tea!! She didn't even know that our boys LOVE Chicken pot pie! The coolest part was the decoration she put on top!!

After supper we talked for a bit then got the boys down to sleep quickly. We have been so blessed by the people we have meet over this trip! We are so thankful for the way God has allowed us to cross paths. We hope that one day we can come back for a reunion!!

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