Monday, September 1, 2014

CJ USA - Day 1 - The Oceanside, CA "Prayer off"

After an awesome weekend speaking at and spending time with the folks from New Song Community Church in Bonsall, CA, CJ made his first revolution (first pedal) off of Oceanside Pier around 9:00 am on Monday, September 1st. The folks from the church came out to pray over him as he started and CJ gave all the glory to God as he pushed off the pier to began today's ride. Thanking God for getting him across the country on the bus, and for getting him this far on his bike. This trek will take CJ over 3100 miles and around 3 months to complete, but he is excited to be raising money for The National Children's Cancer Society.
Today the cyclists did the majority of the climbing they will do for the next couple days with over 5,475 ft of climbing elevation. With the exception of about 6 miles, which they will be doing first thing in the morning, but after that they have all down hill for tomorrow. We started out a little slower than expected, but we were still able to cover a great distance today of just over 58 miles.
Our first stop consisted of food refueling and switching bikes for CJ's dad. Then on the road again on the way to Ramona, CA where the three cyclists-CJ, Bob and Craig- would stop to eat lunch. On arriving to Ramona, the neighborhood kids and parents-who had been told by CJ's mother what he was doing- gave CJ a warm welcome into the park where the bus was parked. They were so impressed with him that they wanted to talk to him and take pictures with him. After the locals wished him well we had some lunch and Bob and Craig (Dad) rested while CJ continued to play with the neighborhood kids. They even let him borrow their bike to ride around the parking lot of the park! After resting we got back on the road and rode until the sun began to set.
Tonight we are staying at YMCA Camp Marston! It's a gorgeous facility and we are so appreciative of them allowing us to park in their lot and use their indoor showers tonight!! CJ has showered, is feeling very good after his first day! He is ready for some food and good rest for tomorrow! 



  1. I'm back! I know you can do this with God's help and encouragement from your friends.I just donated $200 to help all those kids with cancer, and I just want to challenge everyone to give and show your support for such a good hearted kid like CJ.May the Lord bless you and keep you. May He make His face to shine upon you. May He be graciuos unto you and give you a safe ride.Peace. Love you guys! Ride on!

  2. Bernie!!! We love you too! Miss ya man!

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    1. Sorry for not seeing this sooner! You can donate at or by texting CJUSA to 71777