Thursday, September 25, 2014

Day 25 - Anything man can do, God can do better!

God has fixed our bus! It's His bus! Without Craig (daddy) even touching the engine this morning, we decided to try to start the engine...and it worked! God fixed our bus! Dad tinkered around with it after to make sure it would actually STAY running but it did :) A lot of people would say that the engine is just a machine and can't be "healed" but let me just say that anything man can fix machines....God can do BETTER!!
Today was also Corban's (one of my little brothers) 6th birthday. We did not get to ride or go to the fair because pretty much as soon as dad finished looking at the bus it started storming really bad, BUT since the bus was running we DID get to go get the stuff to make birthday cake! So tonight with supper we got to eat CAKE and it was GREAT!
Tomorrow morning's weather looks FINALLY we will get to ride!!! Hearing the Queen song "Bicycle Race" in my head!!!!!

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