Saturday, September 27, 2014

Day 26 - The Continental Divide

Today we FINALLY got to ride again! The bus seems to be working well again so we took off this morning from Gila, NM where we left off on Monday. The ride was rolling hills and didn't seem like we were climbing much, but we did actually increase almost 2500 ft to reach the Western Continental Divide at a total elevation of 6230 ft. After the sign it was mostly downhill into Silver City, NM. Since we've Gotten behind a few days we decided to ride on a few extra miles today. We did 10 extra for a total of around 45 today. We ended in a small town called Hurley then drove back into Silver City to stay the night at the KOA there. We are so thankful to John from Silver City KOA for donating the night!  Almost every campground we have rolled into has been generous in helping us!  In Silver City we explored a little and found a really neat nonprofit called Bike Works. Check out their website at   
Tonight before bed CJ began complaining again about the sore spot from his shorts back on Monday. We checked it out and it has turned into a real "saddle sore".....NO FUN AT ALL! We made him soak in an Epsom salt "bath" tonight and put some meds on it. We are also going to make some adjustments to his seat and shorts and take a few more days off the bike for it to heal if needed. We'll keep you posted. In the mean time, pray for his backside ;)

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