Sunday, September 28, 2014

Day 28 - Worship & Ride

Today was a great morning of worship at CitiLife Church in Deming, NM. After church we tried out a Blake's Lotaburger and got great cheeseburgers and pumpkin pie milkshakes. The weather was nice and since we were behind a few days from being broke down this week, the guys decided that they wanted to go ahead and ride a few miles. Turned out they rode a whole days worth of miles (35) and made it to Columbus, NM. The views while we rode today we awesome!!  CJ fought boredom by counting border patrol trucks that passed him on the road. Total for today was 27!  Tonight we are staying at Pancho Villa State Park....which would be really nice if it wasn't for the monster mosquitos....and are only about 4 miles from the Mexico border.
With the blessing of a border patrol agent who was at church with us today, tomorrow we will riding along Hwy 9 right on the border going toward El Paso. He said that in the daytime we were totally safe to ride that route and that it did cut off quite a few miles to go this way. We will not be spending the night out on that road though so if for some reason we don't get in all of the miles tomorrow we will pack it up and drive into town to sleep in a safer spot then have to drive back the next morning to start where we left off. Sooooo prayers tomorrow are for safety as we ride so close to the Meixcan border, and fast legs tomorrow so we can get all of the mileage in (about 60 miles).
Many people have asked how much money we have raised so far.....well.....I finally have an accurate update for that! To date $13,320.72 has been raised!!! Some money was raised before we left home but lots has come in while we've been riding! Profits from this cross USA trip will be given to the National Children's Cancer Society, so please keep giving!!! CJ's goal is to raise over $100,000 from this trip!! You can give online at or by texting CJUSA to 71777. 

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