Monday, September 29, 2014

Day 29 - Made it to TEXAS!!!

This morning we started cycling from Columbus, NM. We rode along highway 9 which goes RIGHT up against the Mexican border for most of the day. With advice from a border patrol agent yesterday at church Craig was "packing" extra equipment today while we rode. The road was almost completely untraveled by traffic other than trucks hauling cattle and citrus and border patrol trucks. Since it was so dead we let everyone get a chance to ride today. Caleb (brother age 4) and Katie (mommy) rode for 5 of the miles. Corban (brother age 6) rode for right around 22 of the miles miles. Kenadi (sister age 18) rode for about 35 of the mountains miles. Craig (daddy) rode for 53 of the miles and CJ rode for a total of 68 miles today!
We crossed into TEXAS and hit the over 800 miles so far mark today! CJ said, "Oh I fel bigger now, cause you know everything is bigger in Texas!" The downhill coming into El Paso was pretty nice! 
We finished the day on the West side of El Paso, TX and are staying the night at Westside Baptist Tabernacle. If you are from El Paso please help us spread the word....we'd LOVE to have some extra riders tomorrow for the cross town ride!

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  1. WAHOO!!!! Way to go! Congratulations! Thanks for the contribution update! Love you guys! Get ready for crude oil and dead animal smells.I hope not! Theres awsome free campsites in Ballinger and great people in Big Lake if you go through there.Ride on! God bless. Peace and love, Bernie.