Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Days 30 - Out of El Paso and into No-Wifi-ville :)

On Tuesday 9/30/14 we set off from Westside Baptist Temple around 9:30am. We started a little late because CJ had the opportunity to be interviewed by a local TV station (FOX 14) and to speak to the students from Westside Academy in chapel that morning before pedaling. It's awesome when the media covers CJ's story, not to promote CJ but to promote loveFAR and the NCCS and ultimately to promote JESUS! Only one station that has covered his story so far has chosen to omit the pat about how this was a calling from God. Many of the stations have even allowed him to quote the scripture Col 3:23 in the interview without being cut. Every time media covers the story donations are given. The more people that find out, the more money that can be raised for the NCCS!
We rode just about 10 miles then stopped at The Bicycle Co. a bike shop in town for a few needed items. While we were there another TV station showed up an did an interview (channel 4&9)!  Also at the bike shop some awesome police men showed up and one even cut his badge off or his uniform to give CJ!  We also met a sag driver for a group that is riding across the US for MS. We were probably there at the bike shop for an hour or more.
Once we were back on the road it was afternoon. We rode on through El Paso and when we got to our planned spot for the night CJ felt like riding more, so of course they did. When CJ and Craig got to the border patrol check point leaving El Paso on hwy 180. He was almost out of water. Katie, Kenadi, and the little boys had stopped back in town to run to an ACE Hardware and get fuel. The border patrol agents were awesome and gave them water, plus talked to them for almost 45 minutes and gave them a nice break from riding. Turns out one of the guys there had been touched by the pain of cancer and by the comfort of God when his wife had cancer not too long ago.  After the refreshment at the border patrol stop, CJ and Craig decided to ride some more until the rest of the crew caught up. Altogether, they road an extra 20 miles past the planned stop making it a 52 mile day.  We stayed for the night in a little rest stop off of hwy 180 about 10 mil. It had a gorgeous view, but had no wifi :) So that's why this post is late.

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