Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Days 14, 15, & 16

Sorry we haven't posted more in the last couple of days but there just really hasn't been much to talk about. On Sunday we had a wonderful day of rest and spent time in worship with the folks at Maranatha Baptist in Globe, AZ. Monday we got up and headed out to Bylas, AZ with very little excitement. We stayed last night at the Lutheran Church in Bylas and enjoyed a breathtaking sunset during diner. Today we rode on and stopped in Safford, AZ at the Hot Wheels Cycles Shop. It was the first day we had of rain, but the cool temperatures were very welcome! We put on our rain gear to ride and only got a little wet. We learned that across the street from the bike shop there was am ACE Hardware store and a man who worked their was a Warmshowers.org host. He invited us to come over to his home tonight for dinner. It was AWESOME to sit around a real table with yummy food and talk to other people! The boys loved playing in his back yard with his homemade digger and learned about a pomegranate tree and it's fruit! Kenadi and Katie learned how to make Risotto. Thanks Mons Larson and family!! We so enjoyed your company and hospitality!


  1. You guys are doing great! Looks like spirits are high and you're movin' on. No doubt you're going to make it.Ride on! God bless! Peace and love.