Saturday, September 13, 2014

Days 12 & 13 - Wild Wild West!

Sorry for no post yesterday but our wifi was very spotty again. We are getting further outside of Phoenix now and the cell signal is dwindling! We left Mesa on Friday morning and rode to Apache Junction. We were blessed to stay at the Arizonian RV Resort and got to swim AGAIN! Two days in a row! Although this is definitely NOT a vacation, it is nice to have those little pleasures! Today we rode on and made it to Globe, AZ. One the way we crossed a mountain with about 4000 feet of climbing. The terrain is going from desert back to the typical "western" red rock mountains you might be used to seeing on a movie. Although it was very pretty, it was a VERY windy and hard ride. The boys stopped along the way several times to look at "wildlife". They found a tarantula, a rattle snake, and a mountain lion. The kept the entire tarantula, took the rattler from the snake, and pulled some of the teeth from the mountain lion. Katie and Kenadi are amazed at how gross boys are, event he "grown up" ones!!
As of now CJ has covered 494 miles of riding. That is longer than any of his previous ride. Tomorrow is a much needed break day! We will be finding a church here in Globe to worship and then just relaxing for a day before moving ahead.
We have had a lot of people asking how they can help......well here's 7 ways that YOU CAN HELP!
    1) TEXT!! In the "phone number spot" of your text message, put in 71777. Then in the body of the message type "CJUSA" and hit send! It will send you back a link where you can donate, become a volunteer fundraiser, or share with friends! Becoming a volunteer fundraiser is really easy and awesome! Basically it allows you to set up your own page with how you know CJ, or were influenced by CJ's ride across the USA, and then set your own goal to help us raise and share the need with all your friends!
    2) SHARE online! You may share this blog, the facebook page, or twitter handle with everyone you know!!
    3) Give online! Visit to give online
    4) Help contact media. You can call or email national media or local media and ask them to cover this story. The more people that find out about this ride the more people will give to the NCCS.  The goal of this ride is twofold. First we want to glorify God with the talents he has given us and encourage others to do the same. We want to encourage you to take whatever you LOVE to do and do it FOR A REASON (FAR). Secondly we want to bring awareness and funds to The National Children's Cancer Society. To do that, people must give and must hear about the opportunity to give. Anything that you can do to help us further these goals is much appreciated.
  5) If you are along the route, we are looking for churches, RV parks, cycling clubs, and/or families to host us for the night. It is awesome to be provided with a place to park the RV and a meal. If you have a group to speak to, we'd also love the opportunity to share about this ministry.
  6) If you are not on the route, we'd love to have churches, cycling clubs, families, etc. who would come together and give. Maybe you could challenge everyone in your group to give just $10 and collectively you'd send a check for $1000!?!
  7) GO WITH US!! We are looking for a cyclist who'd like to join from the Tucson area to the Texas boarder and again through the gulf coast. If you are interested, email

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