Thursday, September 11, 2014

Day 11 - It's fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A

This morning we got somewhat of a late start from The Slippery Pig bike shop because we were busy OF COURSE talking bike stuff with the owner Eric!! We are thankful to them for doing a little bike repair and for hooking us up with some needed supplies! If you are ever in Phoenix and need a bike shop, definitely check them out!  Channel 12 news out of Phoenix also came out and did and interview. So, somewhere around 11 we started rolling. The whole gang rode today, CJ, Bob (cool guy with a beard), Craig (dad), Corban (brother age 5) and Caleb (brother age 4) because the beginning of the route was a bike trail instead of roads. The little boys rode the first 12 miles of the day then joined up with the bus crew - Katie (mom), Kenadi (sister age 18), and Ceadmon (brother age 2).
After a while we pulled over for lunch and a short break to fix the second flat tire of this journey. Everyone was glad this was a relatively short day on mileage so their was no rush. After lunch the bus crew went to the post office and by a diesel engine repair shop to check on the generator issues. Turns out that the knocking that it was doing yesterday is now gone. The mechanic said he thought it was probably just a fuel injector issue, but for now it seemed fine.......WE think God heals generators! After all, this is HIS bus!! 
This afternoon we ended our ride at the Ross Farnsworth East Valley YMCA. We greatly appreciate the YMCA staff's warm hospitality, especially Lee! Thank you for welcoming us! It was honestly one of the nicest YMCA's We've ever been to. Shortly after we arrived, we were also greeted by Asheli Blackburn and her sweet little family. Asheli used to live in Beaulaville, NC and worked with CJ's Nana but has since moved here. We had gotten to meet her a couple of years ago and when she found out we were coming through her neck of the woods she wanted to do something to help! We got to swim for a bit in the Y's pool, then Asheli had dinner waiting for us so we went to the room in the Y for dinner and were surprised by several other of Asheli's friends and their kids. They had big signs of encouragement and lots of questions! Our kids got to play with their kids and even the adult kids got to "play". It was a joy to have a reception like this! Thank you all!!
Tonight we are sleeping at Monte Vista RV Resort. Thanks to them for their generosity in letting us stay here, even though we got here a little late! It's awesome to have AC and not have to use the generator & fuel!!
Tomorrow morning we will head back to the YMCA and begin another short day of riding over to Apache Junction, AZ then Saturday we will climb the mountain up to Globe!!
Looking forward to a great weekend!

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  1. Happy Friday!
    Great job so far! How much has been donated so far? Can I see a running total? Did you get my donation? Doing a Guiness record thing? To God be the Glory! Ride on! Peace and love, Bernie.