Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Day 10 -Getting Slippery!

We started off the morning from Wickenburg, AZ. While the cyclists went ahead down hwy 60, the crew in the bus went to the grocery store. While Katie (Mom) was in the store, Craig (dad) took the little boys over to the local Fire House to see the trucks. The Firemen were awesome and gave the boys the full tour. Turns out one of the firemen had a close family member pass away with cancer AND was related to the owners of the restaurant where we ate supper last night. The fireman was also related to the owner of another restaurant in town called Nana's Sandwich Saloon and they surprised us an AWESOME lunch to take with us on the road as well as some great goodies for the boys! The sandwiches, pasta salad, and potato salad were all amazing!! If you are EVER in Wickenburg, we highly recommend both Anita's Cocina and Nana's Sandwich Saloon as must stops!
Once the bus crew caught up with the cyclists on the road we realized that the bike path which they were supposed to be taking into Phoenix was COVERED in flood waters! They had tried to take it for a while but it was so wet they were slipping and sliding everywhere. They got off the trail and got back on the roads, but even the roads had slippery spots. CJ fell a few times just trying to keep it upright while clipped in over the mud, but made it finally to The Slippery Pig Bicycle Shop in Phoenix around lunchtime with 57 miles completed! 
At The Slippery Pig we were greeted by Kevin from Channel 3 TV. He interviewed CJ and Katie right in front of the Slippery Pig's front windows then had CJ ride around a side street to get some cool shots. We are looking forward to seeing his story. It should be posted on sometime tomorrow.
For supper tonight, the restaurant right beside of The Slippery Pig offered to feed us! We are grateful to Chris from Pane Bianco for the delicious meal! The pizza and lasagna were both great! After super while the boys played in the back yard of the bike shop, Kenadi and Katie took the light rail to Target and got a few supplies that were needed on the bus. They were able to share about CJ's ride and "loveFAR" with some great teenagers on the rail platform AND with some very kind police officers when they ALMOST got jaywalking tickets. We are thankful the policemen had grace! Oooops! Who knew you could only cross the street at a cross walk??

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