Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Day 8 - Rain is Welcome!!

Today we rode to Salone, AZ. we got word that there was lots of flooding to the east and rode right into a head wind and storm the whole day........but the rain was awesome!! After all the heat the cool rain was more than welcome!! Once in Salome we stayed at a super nice KOA (thanks Diedra!!) and got to play Putt-putt and swim!! We even found a frog in the pool! I did school work for a while then we played some more. The Moonrise was beyond belief beautiful. A full moon over the mountain!! It started raining again and we went to sleep to the sound of rain on the bus roof.  Overall a perfect day! 


  1. Happy Wednesday!
    Keep it fun! How much has been donated so far? Can I see a running total? Did you get my donation? Doing a Guiness record thing? To God be the Glory! Ride on! Peace and love, Bernie.

    1. Hey we did get your donation, sorry just saw this comment. Working on the running total thing, but I think the total right now is somewhere around $4000.