Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Day 9 - Rerouted by God

Today was pretty amazing. After a huge storm last night and rains all week in the northern parts of Arizona, the road we were planning to take today was closed due to flooding. We rerouted and ended up riding into a different town, Wickenburg, AZ.  The ride was fairly uneventful. We rode 57 miles at a pace of 13.3 avg mph. We did find some pretty cool wildlife along the route, but it was mostly all the same road alllll day, so after a while it got a little boring. Thankfully, we were done before lunch because right after that it came another huge thunder storm.
Even on short notice the 1st Presbyterian Church here allowed us to stay in their parking lot for the night. When we got here the secretary pointed out a Christian Academy right on the next block. CJ and Katie decided to go over there and check it out and CJ was going to introduce himself. It ended up that the whole 2nd-5th grades pulled together in a main room and they allowed CJ to speak about his trips and calling from God. After he spoke the kids asked lots of questions then the boys gathered around and prayed for CJ, safety, and the kids who are being helped by the NCCS.
For supper tonight Anita's Cocina an awesome Mexican style restaurant here in Wickenburg provided us with a free meal! It was YUMMMMYY!! Thanks Tom!
Outside of the restaurant we met a mom of a little boy named TY who had just recovered from Cancer. She was very grateful as she talked to CJ. It was neat to meet her and hear her story. We are soooo glad that God is using the ride to help families in the midst of this struggle!

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  1. I just LOVE how God proves His awesomeness every day for each of us! Peddle on for the cause of Christ, buddy! ~Nana