Thursday, October 23, 2014

Day 53 - Celebrating 1500 miles with KIDS!

Today CJ and Craig rode from Dale where they stopped yesterday to LaGrange, TX. We knew that CJ was going to cross the 1500 mile mark today so we wanted to plan something special. As we looked at the route last night we realized that there were several schools along the route and wondered if they could help with the celebration. First thing this morning Katie made some phone calls and 4 schools agreed to celebrate with us!

It was SO awesome to roll by EACH of these schools today and have HUGE crowds of students cheering with shouts of encouragement! Several kids even handed CJ little notes! HUGE thanks to Rosanky Christian School, Smithville High School, Jr. High, and Elementary School for welcoming us warmly and celebrating with us as CJ crossed the 1500 mile mark on this trip!! IT was AWESOME to have other KIDS participate in such a big way!! YOU are all AWESOME!! (PS If you were there and took pictures or video PLEASE email good ones to us at! We’d love to have more than we got!) After leaving the last school we spotted a Dairy Queen and HAD to stop for Blizzards for one last celebration! ;)

This afternoon we ended up in the Walmart parking lot in La Grange, TX. We were greeted by the local paper’s reporter and his KIDS!!

Today has been a GREAT day and reminder of why we are really doing this trip! God called CJ to ride for KIDS with cancer, loveFAR exists to to inspire others including KIDS to do what they love to do for a reason, AND our goal as parents has become to remind adults that KIDS can do amazing things if they have just a tiny bit of help!

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