Saturday, October 25, 2014

Day 54 & 55 - Ice Cream and Antlers

On Friday (Day 54) CJ and Craig started out riding from the Walmart parking lot in La Grange, TX. On the way out of town we were greated by another school full of kids cheering encouragements! Thanks to La Grange Intermediate school for your support!

Around noon they rode into a small community called Round Top where we took a lunch break. Craig and Kenadi switched places and then the pedalling continued. Around 3:15 Kenadi and CJ pedaled into the parkinglot of the Blue Bell Ice Cream facotry in Brenham, TX.  Katie, Kenadi, Corban and CJ took a tour of the plant as a homeschool fieldtrip while the other boys finished their naps. At the end of the tour each person gets one free scoop of ice cream! The flavors are SOOOOO hard to choose from but since extra scoops are only $1 it's not that big of a problem!! They were very kind and GAVE CJ extra scoops because they said "He needs the extra calories with all that riding he's doing!" It was DELICOUS!!  The tour was interesting also!  We found out that it takes 60,000 cows per day to supply enough milk for the factory to run!  We also learned that employees get unlimited FREE ice cream while they work! We looked in the break room and saw the garbage cans FULL of ice cream sandwich wrappers! The girls in the "hand dipped" parlor said that she didn't even have to have most employees order, she had their favorite flavors memorized! Now THAT's a perk! Their theme was "We eat all we can and we sell the rest!" Amazingly we saw NO employees that were over weight!

On Saturday morning (Day 55) we began the day around 9am and made a stop at Independance Coffee outside of town for a quick interview with KBTX TV station out of Bryan, TX. We were also given some samples of coffee! Craig really liked the "Jet Fuel" flavor! 
After the interview we continued pedalling and made it to Navasota around lunch.
We stopped for lunch in the Walmart parking lot and Katie ran in for some needed supplies and groceries. After lunch we continued pedalling. Along the route, CJ picked up a few deer antlers and stuck them in the opening in his helmet. He joked and said, "Now I'm ready to sprint against Mark Cavendish! If he throws me an elbow I'll just HEADBUT him with my helmet ANTLERS!" We reminded him that Mark Cavendish has THIGHS about 5 times the size of his he'd have to CATCH up with him first! lol

We made it to Montgomery,TX for the night and are parked at the Lone Star Cowboy Church. We are excited about attending services here and worship tomorrow!!

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