Sunday, October 26, 2014

Day 56: We love Cowboy Churches!

Last night we stayed in the parkinglot of the Lone Star Cowboy Church. We were even blessed with an electric hookup beside of their Rodeo Arena.
This morning we woke up and Craig (dad) had electricity so he made waffles!!! After an awesome breakfast we went into church. The presence of the Holy Spirit was so clear. The worship was awesome! The youth pastor, Derrick, was preaching today because the lead pastor is on sabatical. He spoke from Hebrews 11 about Faith and Boldness. His message was "The Dangers in our Saftey" and he talked about how often God will call us to do something that might seem unsafe or take us out of our comfort zones. We totally knew what he was talking about! His message was perfectly what we needed and reminded us to continue to be open to God's leading instead of our own understanding!
After church we went back out to the bus. Katie cooked lunch while the rest of us played on the playground and "hung out" (littterally) on the sides of the arena. We had a picnic out by the playground and then started to get ready to ride. We wanted to get in a few extra miles today and make up for the day we missed when the bus broke down. Across the parkinglot there was a group from the church who were having a luncheon. One of the men invited us to come over and eat some of their desserts. Of course, the boys hopped right to that one!
The people inside the potluck talked to CJ and gave donations! One of the other pastors on staff, Robert, and his wife, Kim, came out and talked to us for a long while. They were super! This was yet another place in Texas that CJ did not want to leave!

We started pedaling toward Conroe and made it to Luigi's Italian Resturant just in time for supper!!!!! It was yummy!! 

After supper Katie (mom) went out to do laundry.
It's always amazing to see how much laundry we make in three days!! 
We are excited about the upcoming week of writing to do his first 100 mile day on Thursday! Please continue to pray for safety as well as people to give for the NCCS!! you can help today by donating at

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