Monday, October 6, 2014

Days 35&36 - 1000 miles down........plenty more to go :)

On Sunday this week (day 35) we spent our rest day in Pecos, TX. We were thrilled to have our lunch donated by La Nortena Tortilla Factory!! World Famous Tamales!!! I don't know how world famous they really are because we didn't know about them before now, but they WERE ARESONE!!!! We took our food and eat at the park and all the kids were ale to play. 
On Monday (day 36) CJ and Craig road from Pecos into Monahans, TX. on the way they crossed the 1000 mile mark. that means they are averaging about 38.5 miles per day if you take out break days. One of CJ's goals is to finish is to finish this ride with an average of 40+
The 1000 miles mark was near a small café in Wickett, TX. The "bus crew" had posters made and got there before the "bike crew" to ask the folks inside the restaurant to come out and help us celebrate the accomplishment. Thanks to all the staff and folks eating this afternoon at Quintana's Café that DID come out and cheer!! It is such an encouragement to CJ to see locals cheering him on!!
The boys rode on into the little town of Monahans, TX around 3 pm. Tonight we are staying at another sand dunes spot called Sandhills State Park.  'The state park here has RV hookups!! Although this place is really neat, It's hard to beet our memories of the HUGE sand dunes in Glamis,CA!

Today CJ was interviewed by two local papers and tomorrow he's going to be an a local radio show, then off to ride to Crane, TX!


  1. Congrats again! I knew you could do this! Looks like you're having a great time! Ride on!