Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Days 37&38 - Oil Fields stink.....literally!

For the past two days we have ridden through nothing but oil fields! We started out yesterday morning from Monahans, TX we stopped last night in the town of Crane and then rode today through the small town of Rankin. All of these little towns are now being taken over by oil workers who are usually here from other parts of the USA.  Part of the process for getting the oil allows Methane to escape. They have big smoke stacks everywhere to help get rid of the gas. They stink!!! 
After we pedal tomorrow we are going to find a good place to eat before going to the local 7-8th  grade football game. I'm pretty excited about that!
Today was REALLY hard, the wind was right in our face and strong for a long, long time. Finally Mom got in front of us with the bus and let us draft off the bus for about 10 minutes just to get a little bit of relief. As we parked tonight a man came up to us who is carrying a cross all the way across the USA. He was going West as we were going East, BUT "happened" to be stopped  at the same spot as us tonight. We invited him and his wife to eat diner with us tonight. It was neat!

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