Sunday, November 2, 2014

Day 61: Across the Rivers with a Police escort!!

Last night we parked in the parking lot of the gas station next to the Cajun Corner Café in Krotz Springs, LA. Thanks to Denise, Toby, and Adam the family that owned the Cajun Corner for an awesome diner last night, for all of your hospitality, AND for suggesting local police escort us across the bridges! It was definitely needed! Here's a picture of me with Denise and one of Toby's deer!

As we left Cajun Corner Café, Katie and CJ's very first stretch of road was a large bridge across the Atchafalaya River and then a 4 mile bridge across the Morganza Spillway. This awesome KSPD officer escorted us across BOTH bridges then stopped to tell us all about how the spillway was flooded a while back. He also suggested we call ahead to the police where we would cross over the Mississippi, so Katie did. He also gave all the kids badge stickers and color changing pencils! Thank You so much KSPD for allowing this escort!

When we got to the Mississippi River right outside of Baton Rouge. Three officers met us and escorted us across that bridge. These guys were also awesome! They let the kids play on their motorcycle and passed out tootsie rolls! Kenadi and CJ pedaled across the Mississippi in complete safety! They blocked traffic and allowed them to pedal in a blocked off construction zone. It was GREAT! We are soooooooo thankful to the West Baton Rouge Sheriffs!

We finished the day with 45.2 miles around 3:00 we rode into Maranatha Fellowship Church of God where we were staying for the night. Since it was October 31st, they were having a huge Fall Festival and allowed us to participate! We met Worship Pastor Justin and his wife Brittany who was in charge of the night's festivities. Justin was kind enough to run Katie to a local thrift store and Walmart to get costumes for the little kids and candy for the night's booth. They were so open and warm and truly showed the love of Jesus! They even allowed CJ to speak about his calling and this ride. We loved participating in their Fall Festival! It was awesome to see so many people from the community come out and be reached in Jesus name. Our kids also had a BLAST!

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