Sunday, November 2, 2014

Day 62: Opppps wrong road!

We woke up this morning to a cold 38 degrees! We waited until almost noon to leave so that it'd warm up some, but even then we were wearing complete winter gear. We were HOPING that some local Baton Rouge cyclists would come out and ride today since Craig is currently not able to ride with his knee and Kenadi and Katie are not quite as fast, BUT no one showed up. Guess it was too cold?
Katie and CJ left on bikes and the rest of the crew left in the bus to go find diesel fuel. As we left we weren't paying attention to the road signs and thought we were supposed to just take the main road on out of town, but actually we ended up on 190 instead of 61 as planned. So we had to reroute and ended up passing by a local bike shop. We stopped in but they must have been very busy because they didn't act like they wanted to talk. We left that store and spoke to come of the customers. They were amazed by what CJ is doing and said they would follow.
When the riders met back up with the bus, we were all back on 61 where we were supposed to be and there "just so happened" to be a Chick-fil-a on the corner! It was well past lunch and we were all starving so we decided to go in. It was an AWESOME lunch and a great reminder of home! This was the FIRST Chick-fil-a we've been able to eat at on this trip and only the 3rd one we've even seen. Kenadi commented that "Being able to eat at a Chick-fil-a is a great sign that we are on the path headed in the right direction....home!"
Katie rode about another 10 miles after Chick-fil-a then Kenadi switched and rode the last 30 miles of the day. Because of the original wrong road, the planned 42 mile day turned into a 54.4 mile day! Oooops! That's a BAD OOoops! About 2 miles from our destination in Laplace it started to get too dark and too cold to continue so we went ahead and pulled off and stopped for the day. We drove in the bus over to FBC Laplace where we parked for the night and plan to attend church in the morning. It was NICE to have power so we could plug in the heater without running the generator and costing extra money. The temperature is again in the 30's! Burrrrrrrr!  

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