Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Day 72 & 73: I love riding with other people!!

Day 72: Tuesday 11/11/14 - This morning around 10:15 we pedaled out of the parking lot the Chick-fil-a in Gulf Breeze where we left off yesterday around. We were excited to ride today because everyone has been telling us that the scenery is so pretty.  We also were headed right for the town where Katie's aunt lives and knew she and her family were going to meet us along the route. We pedaled hard for the first little while then settled into a nice rhythm.
Around lunchtime we stopped to eat and meet a journalist from a local paper. After lunch, Katie and the "bus crew" went ahead and stopped for fuel while Craig and CJ rode along a beach front road.
Around 3pm, we joined back up at the intersection of 98 and 30A a scenic road that goes down into Santa Rosa Beach. Aunt Angela was waiting there with her family ready to ride! Corban and Caleb were also ready to ride! For the last 8 mile stretch from 98 down to Grayton Beach State Park along 30A there was a bike path. Craig, CJ, Corban, Caleb, Angela and Daniela in the kid seat on the back of Angela's bike all rode that bit. It was a great time of family togetherness!

When we got to Grayton Beach State Park where we were stopping for the night we parked the bus then walked out to the beach to see the end of a GORGEOUS sunset!
We are always amazed by God's creation! Michael, Angela's husband, brought pizza and goodies for supper and we all went back to the campsite to eat. It was yummy!! We are so thankful that we got to see them all and ride with Angela!!!
We were also alllllll so excited that this campsite had a fire pit and for the FIRST time all the way across the USA we were able to roast MARSHMELLOWS!!!!

Day 73: Wednesday 11/12/14 - This morning 4 local cyclists met us at the gate of Grayton Beach State Park. We were so excited to again have company to ride with!! We rode FAST from the start. We left Grayton about 9:30 and rolled into downtown Panama City right at noon. On the way into town we climbed a great bridge (the only hills around here) and had a good downhill on the backside! We stopped for a break at Trigo's Resturant and were also covered there by local media. If you are ever in the area, stop and TRY the Shrimp Ceviche!!! Yumm-ola!
After the break, two of the cyclists continued on with us and we rode toward the Tyndall Air Force Base. The fighter jets were practicing and it was an awesome show!
We were still rollin' pretty fast but when we got to Mexico Beach we pulled over and let Corban and Caleb get out and ride some too. They rode about 8 miles with us and were hanging on about 13 mph average. CJ is amazed by his little brothers and is not afraid to admit it!

After the little boys got back into the bus the 4 cyclists (Craig, CJ, Mr. Carl and Ms. Cindy) rode on into Port St. Joe. We have officially crossed back into the EASTERN TIME ZONE!

We finished pedaling for the night at First Baptist Church in Port St. Joe. We were greeted at the finish by another TV media person and an awesome group of church folks who had supper prepared! We said goodbye to Carl and Cindy and then went into the church for dinner.
After supper the little boys went to Awana's and Katie and CJ were invited to speak to the 3rd-6th grade Awana's as well as the folks in Adult Prayer Meeting.
This church was an awesome God Appointment!

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