Monday, November 10, 2014

Days 70 & 71: FINALLLLLY in Florida!

Day 70: Sunday 11/9/14 - Today we went to church at FBC in Summerdale, AL. Jason, who rode with us yesterday is the youth pastor and worship leader here. We parked in the parking lot last night and they were nice enough to open the parsonage so we could go in and use the showers and kitchen and everything. We also LOVED that they had church breakfast this morning so we got yummy eggs, grits, sausage, and biscuits!! We enjoyed seeing how missions focused this church is and watching an Operation Christmas Child video with them.
Sunday afternoon we had a nice NAP!!
At the Sunday night service CJ was aloud to speak about loveFAR, his previous rides, this ride for the NCCS, and about the amazing things GOD has done and is doing on this trip!! It was so neat to see even how God brought a special couple (not church members) to this church today that we needed to meet! We were SO thankful to Pastor Jason for being willing to let us come!!

Day 71: Monday 11/10/14 - We started off this morning a little late about 11:30 from the FBC Summerdale parking lot and pedaled some back roads out to Hwy 98. We followed 98 all the way into Pensacola, FL. Amazingly we MISSED the Florida state line sign, BUT we did get a shot of the Pensacola city limits sign to prove we were here :)  

It was a beautiful day for riding! We pedaled around the bay and across the bridge down to Gulf Breeze to a Chick-fil-a where we finished for the day around 2:30 with 43 miles. Of course we had to eat a Chick-fil-a sandwich and play in the play place for a while!
Around 4:00 we left Chickfila and drove back to Pensacola Christian College where we had planned to park for the night.
When we got to PCC we were given an AWESOME tour by Mr. Reggie Sellers. Of course CJ's favorite of all the buildings was the Sports Complex. It was an indoor WATER PARK, as well as a HUGE climbing wall, mini-golf, bowling alley, ice rink, skating rink, and workout rooms! Kenadi and Katie also went on the tour and learned lots of interesting things about PCC!
Tomorrow we plan to drive BACK to the Chickfila in Gulf Breeze to start pedaling and will pedal THROUGH Destin and along the Scenic Beach Rd to Santa Rosa Beach. The weather is looking outstanding so we are excited!

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