Sunday, September 7, 2014

Day 5 -Back to Civilazation!!!

Today we road from Glamis to right outside of Blythe, CA.  The ride was fairly uneventful EXCEPT for going over what the locals called the "hoopty-doos", almost running over a rattle snake, seeing a dead bobcat, and going across the Colorado River a few times. The "hoopty-doos" were like little rolling hills one after the other. On the bike it was fun, but the little boys said it was like a roller coaster in the bus. The rattlesnake left quickly and the bobcat was pretty nasty. The Colorado River was kind of neat. They had lots of canals coming off of it and used them to irrigate the fields all around. When we got to Blythe we stayed at a little campground called Destiny McIntyre RV Park and it was RIGHT on the river! We are thankful to them for donating a spot for us! It was beautiful! We got to swim in the river and play ball on the shore of the river too. The sunset was just amazing!

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