Thursday, September 4, 2014

Day 4 - SANDY Short day!

We decided to make today a short day after riding long days in the hot desert for the past few days. Today is day 4 and CJ was beginning to fill it. Today the boys only rode about 12 miles before the sun got high in the sky, and then spent the majority of the day resting. CJ spent some of the afternoon chasing a BIG lizard around the grounds where we are parked.
We are staying in a VERY small town called Glamis which is literally off the grid completely. This town has NO power or fresh water of their own. All power here is generated and water is brought in by tanker trucks from a neighboring town!! There are only a few people who live here, but during the late fall tourist converge on the area to ride every kind of vehicle on the sand dunes which are all around. We went out and played on the dunes for a while when the guys were riding and plan to go back this evening to watch the sunset. Pictures to come once we have better wifi signal!


  1. Hi again!
    In the desert, ride as early as you can and get all your miles in early.Stop for the afternoon when the heat is too extreme. Finish your miles if you have to in the cool of the evening.You'll be doing desert till eastern Texas, so it has it's own beauty as you have seen.Night riding is another option. Be strong, unmovable, always abounding in your ride(work) for the Lord! One day at a time and you'll be through Cali. and then the desert.Ride on! Peace and love, Bernie.

  2. We've been getting up about 6 to ride then we are done by like 11. Dad doesn't want CJ to ride at night if we can help it. It really is beautiful.

  3. I understand.Night riding is a last option. Looks like Bob will get you most of the way through the desert.Rode a unicycle across America! I tip my hat to you! God Bless! Peace and love.