Thursday, September 4, 2014

Day 2- Downhill rocks our socks!!!!

After a crazy little climb this morning, we spent the entire rest of the day going downhill and flat today! The first hill was a MONSTER downhill which CJ and BOB both said they LOVED! With no cars on the roads they could pretty much open up and almost fly. About half way through the day we stopped in the roaring metropolis of Brawley, CA to do some shopping and let Craig (Dad) work on the bus for a while. Most of us just spent time chilling under a shade tree, but he was having to work all afternoon. The heat REALLY took a lot out of him. He will probably not ride tomorrow so he can rest back up and be fresh again for the next day. While Craig worked, Bob and CJ finally put CJ's cadence meter on his bike. The little brothers all took baths in a bucket, and we all enjoyed ice cream from the ice cream truck! Poor Craig, just kept working! However, the reward was that he did get the generator running the AC and tonight we are cool for the first time in a few days!! 
In Brawley we met several folks including some students walking home from school, a cashier at the hardware store who said she'd be praying for us, and a reporter from KYMA, named Molly. She is doing a story about the ride that will be on the evening news on Thursday!
After 43 miles, we are stopped for the night at a deserted Ranger Station....there are bathrooms here, but they are FILLED with black widow spiders! One is even eating a small SNAKE!! I think we'll be using the bathrooms on the bus!!!!!!!

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