Sunday, September 7, 2014

Day 6 - Entering Arizona!!

We finally made it out of California today!!!!! We crossed over the Colorado River and entered Arizona. Because we started so early this morning we were finished in Quartzite before lunchtime. Quartzite is a quaint little town that has tons of RV parks and is a huge place for "snowbirds" during the Winter. Right now however it's fairly empty. We stopped in for supplies at a local Dollar General since there was no grocery store and then went to Holiday Palms RV Park where we are staying. Holiday Palms was gracious to donate TWO nights so that we can have a break day here as well. Kenadi, Bob, and Katie (Mom) walked over to a local pizza joint and grabbed us some yummy pizza for supper.
Speaking of Bob.....a lot of people have asked us "Who's Bob and how did you meet him?" Well Bob "met" us on Twitter a while back and talked to us on Skype a few times . He has toured a lot of his bicycle including doing a trip from Maine to Key West and from Key West to Riverside, CA just this year. Also in 2011, Bob rode his UNICYCLE all the way across the Northern Tier of the USA to benefit the Red Cross. You can read more about his trip here
Bob is from a large homeschooling family similar to ours and his fit right in and been a GREAT help as a support rider. We are sad that Bob has to go back to Maine on September 20th. We will be looking for someone to join us in his spot at that time. If you know anyone who might be interested please have them contact us!!

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